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Handmade ted trade trails

24, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: This business city’s bustling suburb is mainly popular for the leather tanneries but many of us are not aware of the fact that this populated area is also significant for making of the hand-made teddy bears. Precisely, the poor women are quietly engaged in its making. They get the raw materials from the whole sellers. The colourful figures take actual shape by their creative hands. The cotton used in filling the vacant teddy shape is usually the mixture of rough and fine quality. The poor needy women obtain required materials and spend a few weeks in preparing colourful teddy bears. It is even packed under the zipped case.

They are mostly making medium size soft teds. The cotton is stuffed into the stitched form of the teddy bear. The market of the hand-made teddy bears is wide in the city areas, disclosed a supplier who has occupied himself in this small scale business. He also added that one piece of this multi-coloured teddy bear costs roughly about twenty rupees. The stockists sell this particular girl’s toy item in scores to the retailers. They more often than not purchase the teddy bears on the margin of two rupees. Afterwards, this beautifully designed cuddly toy is sold in retail at a price of forty rupees.

While we usually find the designer teddy pieces selling in the grand malls are costly and attractive but these are cheaper comparatively. On this very ground the lower priced teddy bears’ sale carries on and there exists a good market for this handmade teddy toys. Its business runs at a trivial margin of profit ranging between two to eight rupees. Though it directly generates employment to poor women and several others connected with its making, nobody attempts to know much about its production. Its sale proceeds continue in a diverse mode.