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Goyal publications to release Chetan Bhagat's collection in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Bihari

10, Aug 2014 By sunit91

New Delhi:  A press release on 5th August by Goyal publications shocked the entire hindi literature critics. The spokesperson of the Goyal publication announced that, after considering the booming publicity and media attention of the recent release of Chetan Bhagat’s book “Half – Girlfriend”, they have decided to come up with the translation of his legendary works in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Bihari.

Chetan Bhagat
“Brace yourself, my book is coming”

“Yes, this is right. The deal has almost been fixed but we are currently working hard to clarify the points regarding the copyrights to Chetan as he has been found weak in this subject which was clear from his past projects,” said Nandu Goyal, official spokesperson from the Goyal publication house.

These collections are expected to hit the market by end of this month but their cheeky titles have been released. Titles like “LONDA 5 PAENT WALA” , “DVI PRADESH” , “EK RAAT JADDE KE ANDAR, PHASI GAVA CALL CENTER KE ANDAR” , “3 GALTIYAN JAWANI KI” and the latest one “AADHI FANTI” are expected to create a great upsets in the marker share of it’s competitor magazines.

“After the release of this collection, market share of it’s similar league magazines like Manorama and Grahshobha are bound to hit a all time low. Also a drastic decrease in their sales is expected,” said Kamal Engineer, a market consultant.

“I am really excited about this news. Earlier, I thought that I have to learn English to read his innovative (read traditional) stuff but, now the books are available in my own native language,” said Kittu Pandey, a student in Banaras Hindu University.

“What does he thinks of himself ? If he think that by translating his books in local language he can challenge the legacy of ‘MASTRAM’ then, he is is very wrong. His childhood fantasies are nothing as compared to the sophisticated and desi story mix of ‘MASTRAM’,” said Rames Fruitwala, a die-heart mastram fan.

Protest broke out outside Goyal Publications head office as Shiv Sena’s protesters shammed the office alleging that these translations will have negative impact on their young generation and demanded to immediately cancel this deal.

We waited for hours to get a reply from Chetan himself but he was too busy in writing his next Bollywood flick a.k.a next novel.