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Government to sell ration through Flipkart

18, Jul 2014 By iyerman

In a path breaking move, the Modi government has announced that they would be proposing to sell the ration for people below poverty level through the Indian retail giant, Flipkart. The move happened after Arun Jaitely stumbled upon Flipkart to buy a Kurta. He saw ads which said 87% + 37% off on variety of products ranging from needles to Armani suits. He was disappointed that the idea did not strike him before he delivered his budget speech.

With so much discount, everybody is claiming he is below poverty line.

“It makes perfect sense. Even in this highly volatile market scenario, where we are struggling hard to tackle the price rise, Flipkart is able to provide such huge discounts. 87% + 37% – Imagine! The poor could get paid for buying ration through Flipkart”, said an excited Jaitely in an interview to Faking News. Faking sources say that the Govt. considered the likes of Jabong, ebay and Amazon, but Flipkart won hands down because of the extra 37% that they were offering.

This, according to BJP spokesperson, is just a beginning. Going forward, we could see LPG, petrol, diesel etc being sold through Flipkart at a much discounted price. He however added that the priority would be given to Onions and Potatoes. Flipkart has confirmed that they would be the exclusive partner for the Govt. They are contemplating adding a ‘Tatkal’ scheme in resonance with that of IRCTC to provide faster delivery of ration to the much needed people BPL (not to be confused with the poor of the Bangladesh Premier League). Flipkart is said to have ordered 10000 trucks that would carry around the goods to be delivered. It is also speculated that the delivery boys seen on super bikes would be carrying a much bigger bags that could hold ration.

Logistics are being worked out in consultation with I&B ministry. It is being speculated that the government might propose a Flipkart-aadhar card for the people below poverty level so that they can use it in the website. People BPL might be given a micromax phone (one per family) to order ration through FlipKart. The non-existing opposition party has strongly opposed this move. Congress has requested Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shashi Tharoor to write incomprehensible columns condemning the same. Mamta Banerjee is said to be taking a neutral stand on this while Amma has requested centre to incorporate selling 1 Re idlis through Flipkart as well.