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Government introducing Toll Tax on Airport Runways

25, Feb 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. Government, after imposing too much tax on the public is now introducing new tax, Toll Tax on Airport Runways that is similar to the toll tax on Highways and Expressway. The toll tax bill will be passing in next parliament session because there are lots of bill which are already pending.

The government will set up a committee under Justice Katju for calculation of the expected earnings from the Toll Tax on Airport Runways. The name of committee is ‘Lachar Sanstha (Helpless committee)’.

A caution image on Airport runway before toll booth

One of the spokespersons of government told Faking News that there would be increase in government income to about 2% yearly. The rate of toll is not yet fixed but it could be around 20$ per head as per the starting report of committee. There is also a provision of pass for daily passengers on which they get discount of 0.1% on every flight.

He further added that most of the aam aadmi will not be affected by the toll tax on airport because inflation will ensure that they never get to travel by air.

To start with, the toll is only applicable on incoming flights, but after one year, the toll tax will be implemented on both outgoing and incoming flights passengers.

The pilots, Airhostess and VVIP are exempted from toll tax. The government will also give subsidy on Toll Tax for very poor passengers (below the official poverty line defined by Planning Commission) and MPs.

But people are opposing of the toll tax on airport runway. They claim that government had already imposed so many taxes like, Flat Tax, Consumption Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Wealth Tax Transfer Tax, Poll Tax, Social Security Tax, Self Employment Tax, water tax, Road tax, Service Tax, value added tax, Fuel Tax, Property Tax, etc., and now they are introducing new tax which would cause a lot of burden on us.

Mr. Katju in his statement to Faking News told that this tax will not affect 90% of Indians because they are not able travel through airways anyway, and it is only for international flights not domestic.

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