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Government of India will take action against Snapchat, believes in Ambani's power

19, Apr 2017 By हराMeReporter

Just a few days ago it came out in the open that Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat CEO had made a remark saying, ‘Indian is too poor to consider expansion’. This single line has offended 5,9,778,554 people till now in India among the 130 crore citizens. The people of the country who never actually used Snapchat are now installing the app to rate it one star on the Google Play Store. All thanks to Ambani, who provided really really affordable high-speed 4G internet to Indians. Some Jio users have even started sharing their hotspots after this incident so that other could use their hotspots to download Snapchat from the Play Store and rate it 1 star.

A guy with the alias ‘Common Man’ has started a petition to PMO India on Change.Org to ban and boycott Snapchat. After this petition failed after getting a lukewarm response from just around a thousand supporters, I guess he or any of his associates came up with a brilliant idea of rating the app poorly on the Google Play Store. And till now, most of the patriotic Indians have done the same thing. Some of the over patriotic people even rated Snapseed and Snapdeal (once again) one star, as according to them ‘everything that starts with Snap is bullshit’ and anti-India.

There is lot of difference between snapdeal and snapchat. wake up guys

— ashok randy  (@itsashrandy) April 16, 2017

Even Reddit India spotted this-

Meanwhile in Playstore. Snapdeal is collateral damage.

— Reddit India (@redditindia) April 16, 2017

The same thing is also happening to Snapseed as you can see here-

.@snapseedapp @Snapchat This guy is smoking pots

— Jayaditya (@jayaditya_) April 16, 2017

— Jayaditya (@jayaditya_) April 16, 2017

After all these things happened, Mr. Shivramkrishnan of national Lodu Control Project issued a message to the nation saying that they are looking into possible ways to either ban Snapchat or acquire it. The government has reached out to Mr. Mukesh Ambani so that he can acquire this small company and Snapchat becomes an Indian app under the Reliance Industries Limited. He also asked people not to take load and advised Indians to download the most expensive app on Play Store to show what ‘poor Indians’ can do. However, he warned that if anyone buys this app and any mismatch is found between his property and income tax statements, he will be banned from Snapchat forever as well as from Facebook, WhatsApp ad Twitter. Here’s his message to the nation.

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We reached out to Mr. Ambani but he didn’t make anything clear stating that right now his concentration is purely on Oil, Jio services, and retail. However, he assured that he will think about the acquisition. So, only time will tell whether Snapchat will turn ‘Desi Indian’ or it will continue to be ‘an app for the rich’.