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Golgappa wala reveals his secret ingredient for success

21, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Noida. Chat magazine Chorbes named Pappu Golgappawala as one of the richest golgappa wala in Chowpatty on Sunday. In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Pappu shared the inside story of his rise to fame. Like all success stories, Pappu also faced lot of struggle and hardships in his career.  But the most shocking moment of the interview came when Pappu decided to reveal the secret ingredient of his golgappa water.

Gol Gappe wala striking a pose for shutterbugs.
Gol Gappe wala striking a pose for shutterbugs.

Pappu said ” Like Sanjeev Kapoor even I used to think that it is the tarmarind , coriander leaves, heeng etc  which makes the golgappa water tasty. But my myths were busted in the summer of ’99. I realized it is the human sweat coupled with dirt which makes the golgappa water so awesome. I know when you are in the thick of the action, you don’t realize this.”

“But one day when I was at peace selling golgappas, I saw the sweat doing rounds of my week old ganji, trickling down my hand into the vessel which had golgappa water. People who were having golgappas fell in love with the taste and I remember one guy eating 50 golgappas that day. There was no looking back for me.”

“Over the years, I became more filthy and untidy. I grew long nails and as I immersed them into the vessel , the golgappa water would take the dirt trapped underneath my nails into it. This phenomenon is similar to that of the the tidal waves which take the garbage back into the sea. As a result, the golgappa water just became tastier and tastier.”

“Money transaction with my customers also helped. Counting notes with the tongue-thumb technique and immersing the same palm back in the vessel made the water more delicious. In winters when I would not sweat much, I used to jog every two hours as I didn’t want to compromise on the quality. I just have one advice for all the young golgappawalas out there ‘The more dirt you mix, the more tasty the water becomes’. Hope my story would inspire the future generations.”