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Giriraj Singh named brand ambassador of Fair and Dovely fairness cream

03, Apr 2015 By shridhar

After being in the midst of controversies for his comments on various issues, Giriraj Singh has been elevated to celebrity status. He has been named the brand ambassador of the fairness cream brand Fair and Dovely. We could not get in touch with Giriraj Singh about this matter. We did get a chance to talk to the marketing head of the Fair and Dovely Mr.Gora Kumar:

Giriraj Singh
Giriraj Singh during the interview

Kekdekar : Don’t you think this is a huge risk ?

Gora Kumar : Absolutely Not. It’s a calculated strategy. You see that all our competitors advertisements talk about the advantages of having fair complexion. Even we have been using this strategy all this time. We want to change it completely. From now on our adds will talk about the disadvantages of being dark complexioned. Who better than Giriraj Singh to convey this message?

Kekdekar : Really smart sir. So why specifically Giriraj Singh? You could have hired  Kumar Viswas . He also made comments about the disadvantages of dark complexion for women.

Gora Kumar : Who is Kumar Viswas ?  We want someone who can be consistent. Someone in power. Someone whose statements are picked up by the media no matter which place in India it is made from and also someone who has mass appeal. All these criteria are met by Giriraj Singh only.

Kekdekar : How will making him your brand ambassador help you expand your reach ?

Safed Kumar : We have  minimum presence in Northern India. He is pretty famous in villages across Northern India so his endorsement will help us expand our reach greatly. Also he can help us get more customers from African community in India given his love for them.

Kekdekar : Is your target market only female or you will reach out to male segment also with your new brand ambassador ?

Gora Kumar : We are targeting male segment also. The phrase “tall, dark and handsome”  is outdated. We want to bring in new phrase “tall, fair and handsome”. We are launching a men’s fairness cream with the name “Tall, Fair and Handsome”. Certainly endorsement of Giriraj singh will help us capture the male segment also.

Kekdekar : Thank you Gora Kumar for your time.

Will this step be a game changer in the fairness cream industry or will it back fire completely only time will tell. One thing is for sure.  Fairness cream industry will benefit from our love for fair complexion.