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Gift shop salesman fired after sales did not pick up during Valentine week

14, Feb 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Kanpur: Manoj (name changed) a 27 years old salesman who worked for a famous gift shop Archives’ (name changed) has been fired from his job after sales at his shop failed to pick up even during the valentine week.

However, the management of the franchise said he was terminated after his yearly appraisal showed him not significantly exceeding the over expectations of the management consistently.

Manoj, an MBA, was inconsolable when our correspondent ‘Shaitan Khopdi’ tried to talk to him. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Shaitan Khopdi: You are fired from your job, Aapko kaisa lag raha hai? Manoj: (Glares at Shaitan Khopdi)…

SK: umm… I am so sorry… this is not a right question to ask. Tell us what went wrong? Manoj: I don’t know what went wrong. I mean this is the last thing I would expect on Valentine’s Day. All I know was that my boss was constantly bickering about sales not picking up to 200% in Feb. He was constantly asking me to come up with new ideas to boost sale, especially during the valentine’s week.

During our last meeting we decided to float the idea of various romantic days like Rose Day, Hug Day, etc. to ensure that couples come and buy from our store to celebrate love. I did a small survey on my Facebook page to find out what are the most romantic things according to couples. So I came up with days like:

8th Feb : Ice Cream Day 9th Feb : Pizza Day 10th Feb : Watch a movie together Day 11th Feb : Have a cup of Coffee Day 12th Feb : Kiss Flying Kiss Day (updated after some hurt sentiments turned violent) 13th Feb : Candle light Dinner Day 14th Feb : Valentine’s Day

Everything was going great. Couples would come to our shop, take a look at the days and would leave happily to celebrate the days. On 12th a guy came with his GF (guy was completely ‘kadka’) still he had managed Rs. 500 from somewhere to buy a gift for his GF. When they saw 12th as Flying Kiss Day, they happily gave flying kisses and left. I could sense love was in the air!

Later the guy thanked me like 15 times. Isn’t that what the Valentine’s Day is all about? Sharing and spreading love? Our store was getting famous among the city love birds.

But my boss Hari Sadu (name changed to intend pun) called me on 10th and turned very angry. He said we are not here for playing love guru. What’s the use of all these days if they don’t buy stuff from us? He also suggested me that I change the days to Teddy Day/Gift Day/V-Card/Chocolate day.

When I asked him if we can have an Ice cream day? He asked me “Do we sell Ice-Cream?” I did not understand his logic so I did not obey his orders. I told him ‘Sacche pyar ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu?’ That was the last conversation we had. Now I know the ‘Keemat’ of ‘Sachha Pyar’!