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Galaxy Gear inspired Aam Adami watch soon to be available in Indian market

16, Jan 2014 By somesanityplz

Inspired by Galaxy Gear, Aam Adami Party announced to launch aam adami watch in the market. Watch will be available for sale to aam adami from late march.

The main feature of this watch will be a small ‘donate now button,’ a side push pin provided on watch that will allow users to donate money to AAP when and wherever they want. It will also come with standard social media plugin that will allow the user to automatic like stuff related to AAP, and post RT on their behalf.

Following the Aam Adami party announcement, BJP asked its techies to launch similar gear for existing smart Namo phones. This watch will come strictly in saffron color to distinguish it from Aam adami party watches said Pavan, tech lead of smart Namo.

Minty, who is selling watches in Palika Bazar from last 10 years, is very happy from this news.