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Frustrated techie goes for sex change operation

17, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Bangalore. Vicky Arora (name changed on request), an IT professional, recently decided to go for a sex change operation, after witnessing the privileges and comforts being provided to availed by his fellow female colleagues.

Of late in most of the Service oriented IT companies getting released from a project (randomly allocated by HR irrespective of their skills and competencies) is a distant dream. This coming in the backdrop of a prolonged economic downturn has added to the woes of the IT professionals. People who work in the same project for more than 3-4 years, are not rewarded for their contribution and instead are increasingly been treated with laxity, unless the person shows his sycophancy skills (besides technical skill and ability) to get into good books of his manager.

Vicky, with more then 5 years of IT experience, who is working for Diamond Software Services Ltd, Bangalore, in the same project since the beginning of his career. He has recently made the decision of getting his sex changed. When the Faking News correspondent asked about this decision, he says he made this decision under compulsion to save his drowning career and to get some peace of mind. He goes onto recount his horrifying experiences where he was denied a visa by the project manager, apparently because of budget issues.

Most talented middle aged IT professionals aim to get an onsite assignment and get paid in dollars/pounds to save some money to fulfill his/her financial needs or to save for next recession. But the greatest hurdle in this path is denial of visa sponsorship by the project. Vicky says in his case since the project was not willing unable to pay for the visa, he wanted to get out of his project. He requested his manager to release him from the project so that he could join another project suitable for his experience and role, which could possibly afford to sponsor his visa to continental America or European countries. His Manager denied the request flatly and told him that there were orders from higher management to not release any”body” from project.

After a few days he got the shock of his life when he got to know that a female colleague of his team has been released from the project. When he spoke to his manager about this issue, he was told that she was released on humanitarian grounds. And on an emotional note his manager to told him “Since ours is a male dominated society, there should be some privileges given to women”. Vicky was amused on hearing this and never got to know why/what were those humanitarian grounds.

Barely a month had passed after this incident when one of his another female colleague confided to him that she was being released from project, as she was getting married. Vicky got into confused state and could not understand the relationship between marriage and project release. He took his confusion to manager and his manager explained the reasoning behind the release -“She requested for 3 weeks leave for her marriage. Project cannot afford to approve her leave for 3 weeks so we asked her to cut short to 5 working days. She did not agree and asked for release. Based on humanitarian grounds Management decided to release her.”

Poor chap Vicky out of compulsion, circumstances and unable to decrypt humanitarian grounds , finally made a sex life changing decision to get sex change operation done. He finally concluded and convinced himself that, to lead a comfortable life in IT industry one has to belong to the fairer sex.

He then went to the most successful sex changing surgeon in Bangalore and got his sex changed within a month of these incidents. Now Vicky has changed his name Ashima.

Finally he Ashima went to his her manager with the request demand of project release. The management got his her sex determination test , verified from the company appointed doctors. His Her release from the project was finally approved on “humanitarian grounds” and was released after 14 days of sex change.

PS: Kuch paa ne ke lite, kuch khona padta hai. Vicky Ashima release paa ne ke liye, apna apni mardangi kho baitha baithi. (In English: You need to lose something to get something. Vicky Ashima lost his her virility to get release)