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Former child and toddler decides to become legal adult and enter adult business

04, Jul 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Pune/ Sacramento: Former child and former toddler has finally decided to become an legal adult. The former kid, Ashwin Patel (Patil), hails from Pune but travels to and fro California for some parental reasons. He announced on twitter, “Yes, it is true. I have decided to become legal adult. I have opted out to become 18. Free will definitely wins.”

Baby fraternity reacting on the development
Baby fraternity reacting on the development

He continued talking to our reporter, “I am going to enter the adult business. Adult business is definitely a popular trend. I have to exploit this adult business. I am learning various aspects of adult business like growing mustache, growing body hair, beard etc. I am also practicing deep voice. This adult business will require some practice but I will definitely ace it. It is important that I earn some profits for this new business.”

He thoughtfully furthered, “Sophistication, complexity and runaway confusion are main pillars for adult business. So I am trying to be more confused all time. I have to learn to pretend to know the western and eastern sophistication, depending on the setting. I am still learning about tenets of complexity. It is sort of simple and hard to become complex person. I am yet to select the area at which I want to become complex. It will require some little and more time.”

As our reporter understands, the former child is also trying to enter his adult business in stock exchange market.