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Forget adulterated packaged food and water, drink Tirthanjali Herbal Beer

26, Jun 2015 By chakraview

Following the countrywide alert on adulteration of food commodities, issued by Food safety and Standards Authority of India, yog-Acharya Shri Jamdev is strongly recommending his new flagship product called Tirthanjali Herbal Beer.

Our correspondent Khabri Khare along with cameraman Durbeen Desai was on the spot to cover the event.  During one of his enlightening yog sessions, Acharyaji was responding to various health queries when he made this startling revelation.

No need to go for such brands

Everyone participating in the session couldn’t believe what they heard and thought that they must be doing some steps wrong which has impacted their hearing. Those who heard him clear for the first time, thought that the sponsors of the session would distribute the product free as sample try at the end of the session. Few people left their mats, again a free gift from the sponsor to promote International Yoga Day; to first enquire about the beer before continuing the session.

Sensing the commotion, later Acharyaji came back to audience mentioning the beer once again and its medical advantages. He stated that it has all the promises of a conventional beer and additionally it is odor less. He started mentioning the ingredients of the beer majority of which sounded like Sanskrit names of new born babies quiet prevalent among parents now-a-days. The mere mention of the names convinced the people that it must be a plant product concoction.

Comparing the process of making with the conventional beer, Acharyaji shared that yeast is not used in the process thus making it consumable for some section of people who even considers yeast as non-vegetarian (as they are living organisms. And yes! there are people who believes that!).

The product has been tested under stringent lab conditions for purity and has been distributed to number of people to test and taste. No side effects has been detected for this revolutionary product – typically the headaches post sober.

When one of the participant asked the basic question that – ‘baba ji, yeh charegi ki nahi?’ Acharyaji had a hearty laugh along with most of the participants. Answering to the query very candidly – “beta! What do you think is the reason I can do all these tough twists and turns of my body? Main abhi bhi charake hi baitha hun!