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Flipkart’s Big Billion Day’s $100 million may not be right, seller cancellations and refunds not taken into consideration

07, Oct 2014 By kcbits

Bangalore: The reports that came in later today finally declared that the GMV of Flipkart from the “Big Billion Day”, a one day sale that shook the country, have not taken the seller cancellations and refunds into account. Earlier today, Flipkart, India’s top most e-commerce company, in a statement, said that they have done 600Cr Business in 10hours on the Big Billion Day, but the reports prove that it’s not true.

“When we had the press meet earlier today, the financial reports were still running. It is a simple cron job that generates the reports and the server crashed in between. The developers were not really sure from which server this report was running and could not correct it. Initially, the reports showed us 404 and we thought it is 404Cr and then we kept on waiting, then it showed us 500, assuming it is in crores we were very happy. Then we thought the calculations will be easy if it is 600Cr, like converting it into dollars or calculating revenues per minute, so we stuck to 600Cr,” said a spokesperson from Flipkart.

They are wrong in calculations.

Another report that was released later today said that they haven’t taken care of the seller cancellations and refunds. The veterans and critics in the industry say that the cancellations will amount to at least 400Cr. However, this leaves Indian citizens puzzled. The authenticity of the reports is still unknown. We observed few citizens in the corners of the roads in the Outer Ring Road and in the Koramangala area, hurling stones at Flipkart developers, who couldn’t handle traffic during peak hours. Bangalore City Police arrested them under section IPC 420, but soon let them go, after listening to their woes to place a simple order. However, the situation is under control.

Immediately following the press release of Flipkart, Snapdeal too came out of the closet, saying they too haven’t really done 600Cr business, but it was just a business tactic to prove that they are not less than anyone in the country. They paid hefty amounts already to get the front page in a National newspaper and were very unhappy about this sale. Other players like Amazon and Future Group are still trying their best to make use of this opportunity to prove themselves to the Indian Netizens. They continue to pay hefty amounts to buy the front page of National News papers. With the little hope left, they are still sending mails with different subjects like “Diwali Damakha Sale, Cracker Sale” etc. “I added a filter to my gmail, I am filtering out all the emails that contain sale or offer or big or billion or similar words,” a disgruntled customer wept.

“You can’t take a nation for granted even for one day. It happened twice, when nobody voted for Rahul Gandhi and it again happened today – you can’t fool a nation,” said a very disappointed customer who spent almost 9 hours 59 minutes in front of his laptop, waiting to add a pen drive to his cart and checkout. All in all, We want to congratulate all the people who were successful in buying from Flipkart at never before prices. We think the list wouldn’t be too long to include it here in the paragraph.