Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Flipkart reveals its sale strategy, says Big Billion was their profit margin

07, Oct 2014 By Postman Chacha

Fooling shopaholics.

Every online shoppers home, India – When the big billion sale was announced, many shopaholic and online buyers who  randomly visit shopping websites just to make their wishlists without buying anything, had a feeling of ecstasy and everyone prepared their tanker lists, as bucket lists would be small, for things they want to buy on that day. But on the judgement day, the price where nowhere as expected.

While talking to one of the shoppers, he revealed that he regularly visits Flipkart’s website to buy unnecessary items and has already exhausted his credit card limit. So he applied for a new one for the auspicious day. But when he saw the prices he was shocked as many of the products price was same after discounts. And those which had discounts were of no use.

When we talked to some of Flipkart’s officials they said that actually Big Billion was their assumed profit margin that they thought would be achieved with the help off shopaholics by tricking them in buying unnecessary article by giving a marginal discount. They also said that some of articles were overpriced so that discounts would blind people to check market prices.

While we have no confirmation about how much successful was the Big Billion day for the common folks, but as far as Flipkart is concerned they will surely mark this day as one of their “Ache Din”.