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Flipkart clarifies they were doing a social experiment on Big Billion Day sale event

08, Oct 2014 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

After the disastrous Big Billion Day sale and receiving thousands of complaints from customers who could not order hugely discounted items or customers whose orders were cancelled, Flipkart founders wrote a clarification email to its loyal customers yesterday. Faking News has a copy of the email.

Dear Customer,

Yesterday was a big day for us. And we really wanted it to be a great day for you. At the end of the day, we know that your experience was very pleasant. We did live up to the promises we made and our social experiment was a true success.

It took enormous effort from everyone at Flipkart, many months of preparation and pushing our capabilities and systems to the limit to be able to create this day. We were looking at teaching the great sayings of Indian Gurus through this big event we had painstakingly put together for months.

And we saw unprecedented interest in our products and traffic like never before. As planned, we didn’t source enough products and deals in advance to cater to your requirements and we knew that the load on our server would lead to intermittent outages, further impacting your shopping experience on our site. This was pre-planned. You were a part of a social experiment.

An unprecedented 1.5 million people shopped at Flipkart yesterday. While we are unhappy that we were unable to make more profit from millions of customers who wanted to buy from us yesterday, we are equally delighted that our social experiment which were a part of the Big Day sale was hugely successful.

This inpired Flipkart team

Thanks to Nirmal Baba who suggested us we teach the true meaning of “sab moh maya hai” to Indian online shoppers. Everything we did yesterday was to reflect the lesson “tum kya leke aaye the aur kya leke jaaoge”. At the end of the day millions of shoppers realized that lesson. It was a huge huge success.

Everything that we have achieved at Flipkart is purely on the basis of Nirmal Baba’s trust and faith. This is why we come to work each day and continue to remain extremely passionate about building the best possible social experiment for Indian consumers. We lived up to this promise yesterday and would like to repeat similar social experiment once again to every single customer in future.

Thank you. Sachin and Binny

Meanwhile Snapdeal said in a press release that they do similar kind of social experiment everyday. Amazon India is also planning a similar experiment and decided to send their marketing head to seek blessings from Nirmal Baba.