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Flipkart announces service for couples to adopt kids online

23, Jun 2015 By Gaurav Garg

In a press release that has left many in shock, Flipkart announced its foray into a new market this Sunday. According to a recent statement, prospective buyers will now be able to order infants and children online.

“A survey shows that thousands of men and women visit adoption homes everyday. We hope to bring adoption homes to their doorstep with a click!” announced Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal at an executive meeting. “This should leave Snapdeal and Amazon in dust,” he added excitedly.

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There already exist websites to buy pets, but this would definitely be a first in online retail. “Adopting a baby can be stressful. We hope to make it as easy as buying any other product,” said co-founder Binny Bansal, as he went on to share details about the service.

According to the release, there would be options to pay via card or use cash on delivery. The newborn would be safely delivered to customer’s doorstep. Keeping in terms with Flipkart’s policies, the service would include free cancellations and a 30 day return policy.

“We want to make sure that prospective parents can shop with complete trust and peace of mind,” said Mr. Bansal. The ‘products’ would also ship with a one year ‘accidental warranty’ extendable u pto three years. It is still unclear what the Flipkart warranty would cover.

The conference ended with a demo of the service. A quick search would bring up the familiar Flipkart results page with pictures. Users have the option to sort by skin color and filter by size, weight, gender and caste.

To help parents make well informed decisions, the results are also expected to include horoscopes and Jyotish star ratings‘ in near future. On concerns about the viability of the service in Indian market, Flipkart CEO Mr. Bansal asserted, “People had the same doubts when we started selling clothes. Who would buy their wardrobe online?” He beamed confidently, “This is the next step for online retail!”