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Flash sale of used organic holed Underwear announced

19, Mar 2015 By abhikar

Learning from success of flash sales in mobile industry, Indian man Mr. Jangiya have decided to offer his used “organically holed” aero underwear, which he had bought in China for flash sale.

He claimed that his offer has been met by huge response. “Already I have got 10 crore registered user for the 100 such underwear priced at Rs 5 each,” he said.

Mr. Jangiya did not reveal about the technique of making the underwear holed organically but he did say with a mischief smile that it was a secret recipe of his.

He further added that he had worked out exclusive offer with and for providing 50 each such underwear for sale on their growing portal.

On day of sale, it was observed both e-commerce portals offering the unique underwear were crashed and this was covered by New York Times. New York Times Editor mentioned in his article, “We have never seen a craze for a product like this in sane world but then we cant ignore what is on offer. Its a elastic underwear which has been organically holed and offers breeze and comfort not offered by any other underwear that money can buy. And thus crashing of site was natural.”

On other had, Apple CEO Tim Cook, has said that his teams of lawyers have said to tell everyone that this idea of organically holed underwear was patent of Apple and in fact Apple idea for ipod to ipad have come from the same concept of simple design and usefulness borrowed from holed underwear.

“In most company they say wear your thinking hat, but in Apple we say, wear your holed underwear,” Cook said. Apple feels this product could change way we see underwear. Apple plans to sell same item for $5000 per piece. Apple stock price doubled at rumor of such product.

At 10 am on Sunday at time of sale, roads in India turned empty and old folks said they have seen such state only in time of Ramayan and Mahabharat telecast on DD.

Next expected sale is on next Sunday and already, US President has made his first call on hotline to Modi to get one such piece.

One lucky owner who was wearing this underwear in an video was seen running to save his priced possession from crowd.The Video has been seen by 1 billion Youtube viewers and still counting.