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Firm Recruits "chaiwala" sitting outside IIM Campus, students fail to make cut

20, Aug 2013 By pakya1283

The Chaiwala who got lucky.

Ashok alias chaiwaley bhaiyaa,43 a mango man known widely across the IIM campus for his supply of top-class chai within a minute of order has recently been offered a top-notch figure from an Overseas firm yesterday.

Ashok the popular bhaiya for his tea among the campus students and professors for his low-priced tea costing only three rupees and fifty paisa per cup was surprised when some men travelling in BMW’s noticed a tea stall selling tea for only 3.5 per cup. The guys immediately decided to have tea there. Meanwhile the guys kept on throwing questions at ashok to which he answered them confidently.

Later when the recruiter guys were finished instead of Rs 21 balance,they gave him a contract having legal terms and a bond of 3 years with an undisclosed salary figure.

Following this event, the recruiters went to IIM and returned empty-handed. “None of the students were close enough for being recruited by us,” an official issued a statement later on.

Well the guy, Ashok, was the perfect match for our job. His skills of pricing his tea at a rate liked by all of the Indians is the reason why we chose him. According to sources, the chaiwala sells around 1000 cups in his fixed hours of work.

The team of faking news reached the spot immediately and had a quick interview with ashok as he doesn’t like to be chatty in his work hours. When one of our members asked Ashok about his future plans he simply stated ” I would like to start a company of my own but first i need some industry exposure”.

Students who failed to make the cut, were highly depressed..and the faith they had in their local hero chaiwaley bhaiya had all vanished soon. “We reached here by being the best, we pay lakhs for our studies and yet we are denied our right” said a group of students waiting for Ashok or any of his employees to show up so that they could throw stones at him.

The IIM management was away as it was busy drafting manifestos for a national political party for the upcoming elections.

Ashok now plans to launch a site of his own soon. He will be away recruiting website developers. His son Ramesh alias Ramu explained. “I think he said IITians,” adds a confused ramu.

Meanwhile Mayawati is happy to know that he is a OBC and is receiving the right treatment as per quota system. The Jat association were rather unhappy with the recent recruitment. ” There are two chaiwala’s outside IIM campus! One belonged to our community and as we are excluded from the OBC community our chaiwala failed to get in. That’s injustice!!” claimed a person from the community.

Rumors are circulating that IIM students are trying to hire Ashok to give them lectures on Recruitment and getting placement techniques.