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Family cancels vacations after not finding any Hotel named Lakeview or Hilltop in Shimla

24, Jun 2015 By sameer mahawar

Simla. Just like Raita is related to AAP and Jumla is related to BJP, the words Lakeview and Hilltop are related to every second hotel found in hill stations. To get some relief from scorching heat, Delhi’s Mehta family decided to spend few days in favorite summer vacation destination of every North Indian family.

But their excitement couldn’t last long when Mehtas were unable to find any Lakeview or Hilltop Hotel in the city. “Such hotels are the trademarks of tourist spots in almost all hill stations, be it Dalhousie, Mussuorie or Darjee ka ling. One can easily spot hotels or rest houses with this nomenclature.”

Even such a hotel was not named 'hilltop' by the management
Even such a hotel was not named ‘hilltop’ by the management

“Visitors don’t have to think much before checking in because we already know that a beautiful lake view would be awaiting us when we will open the window or balcony door. It is secondary whether the lake is real one or it is in the painting hung on the wall”, said disappointed Mr. Mehta with a worry that now how he will get inflated hotel bills for claiming it’s reimbursement from the company as “Expenses on Client Meetings”.

“We have seen 19 hotels; all claiming to be on the top of the hill when we visited Manali last year. But here, no hotel is traced to be found as hilltop. How will I update my Facebook status ‘Feeling on the top of the hill’ unless I stay in any hilltop hotel “says 17year old son of Mr. Mehta. The statement was followed by a suffix most commonly used by every Delhite.

After searching for almost 5 hours and checking with every travel agent they could, still no clue for any Lakeview or hilltop hotel was found by the aggrieved family which made them to call-off their vacation.

Tourism minister of the city has showed his concern over the non-availability of hotels with such name and has prepared a 10 year plan, which would be implemented after good 20 years, to rename some of the hotels so that tourists don’t get scared of the feeling that they are spending their vacations in a non-hilly area. Rs. 50 crore has also been allocated from the budget for this cumbersome task of renaming.