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Fall in Rupee leading to rise in Pre-marital Divorces

01, Sep 2013 By Prateek Shah

New Delhi/Mumbai/Singapore/Malaysia : With the nation reeling under the biggest rupee crisis of all times, the ever emerging sector of Weddings has taken an unexpected hit.

Over the last 5 – 10 years, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe had become favourite honeymoon destinations for newly married couples, with both bride and the groom seeing this as the perfect way to hit the 100 likes mark for their pictures on Facebook. But times are different today.

Honeymoon packages
One of the most impacted industries

With the fall in Rupee, many grooms have had to relook at their finances and are calling off their dream foreign travel plans. With just no money to travel abroad, Shimla has become the new Singapore and Manali the new Malaysia. While tour operators are badly affected, it is the grooms who are the worst hit.

Brides of all backgrounds who had been promised a lavish foreign honeymoon trip as one of the pre conditions of getting married are furious at the groom’s inability to cope up with the Rupee loss and are calling off the wedding! Mumbai based PR executive Charming Girl says, “I won him over with my looks, only so I could win many perks throughout my life. If a 10 lakh Rupee trip to Europe is too costly for you, then you simply don’t know how costly i am going to turn out to be.”

Echoing the thought is Delhi based wannabe fashion designer Mishka Sinha, who says, “I have been busy asking my friends, relatives and unknown people about all the things i could do when i go abroad. I had even bought a new camera just for the special occasion. I had thought of the various poses i will get clicked in and how i would use those for updating my profile picture for many years to come. All my dreams are shattered now. How will i face my friends. How will I go online.”

The grooms, who had been reading many books about things to do when they go on their honeymoon are in a state of shock. Kunal Kileli (name changed on request) says, “The last time i suffered such a huge loss in life was when my best friend in college got a pay package 5 % higher than me. I somehow managed through that tough phase of my life. But this is simply unbearable. If only RBI or Congress or Syria or Somebody had done to stop the Rupee from crashing, I would have been having the time of my life right now and checking in at unknown locations to show off to my facebook friends.”

Experts in the field of wedding psychology call this occurrence a ‘Pre Marital Divorce’. They are saying that while there have been many cases of marriages breaking up due to non performance issues, this is the first time they have seen the non performance of Rupee leading to the same.

With the economy going downhill, this phenomenon is set to engulf more couples, but the silver lining lies in the fact that this might finally help grooms find brides who don’t marry them for the money.