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Facebook to acquire Adhaar project

13, Mar 2014 By Lord'sMaster

If sources are to be believed, Facebook is going to make another dramatic purchase, a move that is sure to send Indian media and folks in general into a breaking news frenzy. Facebook is apparently looking at options to acquire the Adhaar project from UIDAI.

And its importance skyrocketed.
And its importance skyrocketed.

Mark Zuckerberg was apparently surfing Indian news channels as they offer nice timepass, especially during election time. He started watching Nandan Nilekani’s interview on NDTV as the name was familiar to him.

During the interview Nandan compared the success rate of Adhaar project to WhatsApp. “More than 600million or 60 crore adhaar cards have been issued in the last 5 years. Whatsapp has got 450 million accounts in about the same duration. You can see the results for yourself. It is the single biggest platform to counter corruption when it has…”, he said, emphasizing again, along with the conversion of units, “…600 million or 60 crore id holders”.

This comparison has seemingly set some quick thinking in motion. Clearly, the acquisition of Adhaar will add to Facebook’s plan of domination connecting the whole world.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, a Facebook spokesman said “Majority of these ids are of people from the villages who obviously do not have Facebook accounts. So this will definitely increase our user base. The objective of Adhaar is similar to Facebook’s, that is, to collect information from each person and share it for the purpose of Facebook, I mean, the purpose of good governance.”

When asked when this information will be made public, he replied, with the extended disclaimer on his anonymity, “We will make a press release. I will also share it on my Facebook page facebook.com/mark.arunachalam. Follow it if you want to see the confirmation first. And please like and share it as soon as you see it.”

When calling up a media contact number of Adhaar, the response was “We will get back. Please fill up a form and submit in the nearest corporation or community office.”

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Ministerial not-yet-nominee for Congress mentioned about this prospect while talking to farmers in Gujarat.

“When Facebook takes over Adhaar, it will ensure that you all will ‘like’ the policies rolled out using Adhaar. It is a true symbol of inclusive growth demonstrated by the Congress government. We will empower women by automatically creating Facebook ids for all women who have Adhaar cards. It will be done totally free under a new policy that we will create with the name of my grandmother! With Facebook taking over the data, it is also a win for RTI as one does not need to struggle to get information.”

Times Now has announced that a talk show between Arnab Goswami and Arnab Goswami Mark Zuckerberg will soon be aired, as this interview will be the talk of the entire world media.

As speculation grows, we wait for more confirmation.