Monday, 19th February, 2018

Ex-Infy employee revealed to be the mastermind behind the company's success

05, Feb 2014 By gautamr9

N murthy, a name people associate with Mr. NRN Murthy, has always held a lot of power. The IT giant”s influence on the Indian Industry, is something phenomenal, and has always been accredited to Mr. NRN Murthy, or N murthy (his short name). It was recently discovered, that the name “N murthy” which was always thrown around with respect to Infy, was not associated with NRN, but rather with another employee. This reporter delved in deep into the matter, and the findings have massive impact on the operations of the company.

N Murthy, was infact the reason for Mr. NRN’s withdrawal from Infy a few years ago. In a highly confidential and secret move, N murthy, was controlling the company, while remaining undercover as just another employee. Recently, N Murthy left Infy for reasons unknown, and joined one of the Big Four. Mysteriously, around the same time, Mr. NRN returned to control the company. It is unknown whether N murthy was handholding the company for Mr. NRN or whether Mr. NRN is an agent for N murthy.

This Industry Genius and mastermind has revealed its plan, to take the auditing world by storm, by acquiring Auditing contracts for the IT services Giant. It has been contemplated that, this move would end all honest and legal practices resulting in corrupt and illegal Auditing techniques. This move would lead to a loss of millions of dollars to the government and return the power to the Aam Aadmi.

Moral or not, this reporter is surely interested to know the future of our country, and the identity of this mysterious N Murthy.