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Even after Chennai Express crossed 300Cr, Rohit Shetty reports 50Cr loss due to SRK's marketing fees

07, Sep 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: This news can shock those ‘Chennai Express’ fans who were more interested in the revenue figures than the real story or logic of the movie. While the trade pundits are going gaga over #ChennaiExpress crossing 300Cr mark, Rohit Shetty has declared a net loss of 50Cr.

The movie was aggressively marketed and the campaign was headed by SRK’s friend Random Chaudhary. His strategy worked and common man was made to believe that the movie is all time top grosser even before its release. After seeing SRK dance in almost every award function, reality show and Saas-Bahu serials during last 2 months, nobody had time and energy left to argue if movie actually crossed 300Cr. The marketing campaign was so overwhelming that for once Rohit Shetty himself started believing in it. He decided to take 2 years break and booked a holiday to Mauritius. He even refused 50% discount offer from Post this Shetty pushed ‘Golmal 4’ to 2015 putting Tushhaarr Kapoor’s whole career in jeopardy. Tushhaarr Kapoor got very upset and left following voicemail to Shetty “aaaye ooaa ma*** aiya be*** uaa oyein ch***”.

rohit shetty
Rohit praying at Ajmer that SRK doesn’t send him one more bill.

I was going through the expenses worth 150 Crores which SRK sent for reimbursement. All the promotion SRK did cost us more than the earnings made by movie. Seeing this Rohit jumped in shock nearly twice as high as jeeps jump in his movies, informed Shetty’s CA ChintaMoney Tripathi to Shaitaan Khoopdi™.

When we contacted Rohit Shetty he grudgingly told “SRK has charged me the way he charges for dancing in Bday parties and marriages”. Following is the breakup of 150Cr expenses SRK claimed:

Doing SRK signature step in dance shows (36) @20Lakh each                         = 7.2 Cr

Showering false praises on Shetty (74) @45L/instance                                      = 33.3 Cr

Dancing with reality show participants (350)@1.5L each thumka                 = 5.25 Cr

Misc (Flight tickets, meals and clothes designed by Manish Malhotra)        = 25 Cr

Payment made to Colors TV to allow SRK on ‘Comedy nights with Kapil’    = 50 Cr

Booking all the cinema theatres for first 2 weeks                                                    = 30 Cr

Free Laptop given to Rohit Shetty                                                                                 = 2L

I had already spent 200Cr in making this movie. Even if we assume that movie actually earned 300Cr I am still in net loss of 50Cr, frowned Shetty while cancelling his Mauritius tickets.

While all this was happening, Raghuram Rajan the newly appointed RBI governor has allegedly contacted Random Chaudhary to play similar trick and make people believe that all is well with Indian economy.