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Employee tries to hypnotize boss with Lay's chips; ends up working over the weekend

02, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore, India: Inspired by a popular advertisement on television, Ankit Arora, an IT employee from Silicon Valley of India attempted to hypnotize his stubborn boss on the pretext of leaving office early to attend a friend’s wedding. He enter the break-room, purchase a Lay’s chips packet and visit boss’s cabin to tear open and spread Lay’s tempting aroma. It didn’t go as well as it did with Ranbir Kapoor in the advertisement as the boss in real life refused to look in the direction of chips when Ankit moved his hand continuously. Instead, he gazed at him furiously making Ankit keep the Lay’s packet aside quietly and get to the actual point.

“I own you and that chips packet”

Apparently frustrated with Ankit’s behavior, the boss asked him the status of his current tasks which he hadn’t begun yet. Learning this, he delegated additional work to him to be completed ‘only’ over the weekend. The boss also started asking questions like when Ankit was coming to office every day and what time he left. He then started looking at his attire, asking him not to come in collar-less T-Shirts the next time. The boss asked Ankit about the status of mandatory training that was supposed to be completed in the previous week itself; arguably the toughest question to him till then.

Ankit started cursing himself as he thought he could’ve pushed off without his notice. He then asked his boss to excuse him so that he could finish the current day’s work. As he was moving out of boss’s room, the boss stopped him and asked him to leave the chips packet on his table and go back to his desk.

At the end of it all, Ankit was gifted with a 2 day “office” package over the weekend. Sources say never mess with your boss and while they say it, they also say “we are like bosses of articles” and so never mess with sources.