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Employee not promoted, told to be result-oriented instead of being goal-oriented

13, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Bengaluru: Senior Software Engineer B. Prasanna who works for a tech company called Green Oranges Software Solutions (GROSS) was in for a shock of his life when he was asked by his Manager to be more result oriented as opposed to being goal oriented. Prasanna who has been a Senior software engineer for 3 years with the company had asked to be promoted to a role of Principal senior software engineer in this year’s appraisal cycle but was declined promotion on grounds of excellent yet non-exceptional performance.

In an interview with our reporter, Prasanna described the whole incident in detail:

Excellent yet non-exceptional Prasanna.
Excellent yet non-exceptional Prasanna.

“I have worked days and nights for the company, yet when it came to promotion I was told that I was excellent but I was not exceptional. Means I was very good but not the best. When I asked why? I was told I was quite goal oriented but to succeed I should have been more results oriented and that is my next year’s goal now. In my mind I said WTF. But from outside I could only gulp in anger.

Then I asked my manager on what is the difference between being goal-oriented and result-oriented, he quickly gave me an empty smile and then suddenly got very serious. Then he spoke for around 45 minutes on difference between being goal oriented and being result oriented and I could not understand even a word of it. At first I thought on how can someone communicate so much with such fluency and yet make zero sense, but then I realized that he had very recently finished his correspondence MBA from a local management college.” – Prasanna said.

When asked on how is he feeling after the whole set of appraisal meetings, Prasanna got quite upset and said:

“Now a days I am always angry inside and I don’t feel like coding anymore. Yesterday in fit of rage I actually used original object orient programming concepts in my code instead of Googling for the code & copying it and results were disastrous. When I “checked-in” the files into the system the whole build simply crashed. My senior marked me all red in the code-review and scolded me. Later I went to my usual source website, lifted some specific code and plugged it in, then it worked perfectly fine. Frankly speaking I am not in my senses anymore.”

When asked on what are his next steps going to be, Prasanna was very frank with his future plans:

“I initially thought of looking out, but it’s the same story everywhere. One of my friends in another company who was due for promotion from senior QA analyst to principal senior QA analyst was told that instead of being results-oriented he should have been solutions-oriented, hence he will not be promoted. WTF is that? It’s going to be the same story with me the next year. I have now decided that I will start something of my own.” – Prasanna concluded with a dry smile and then picked up his mac and iphone and walked off to a nearby Starbucks to do some distraction-free concentrated coding.