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Durex wanted to launch Biryani flavour, instead messed up for Baigan flavour

11, Sep 2016 By avinashpatnaik

Hyderabad. Twitter went frenzy when Durex announced that it was launching the eggplant flavored condoms aka Baigan flavored.  Soon after that the company announced that it was actually hoax. And the reason given was the company’s aim to get condom emoji introduced so that young people can talk about safe sex.

Banigan to Biryani Business
Banigan to Biryani Business

But no one really knows the inside story. Our faking news reporter gets you the real ground report. Who doesn’t love the Hyderabadi Biryani? So Durex wanted cash on it and introduce the Biryani flavor. To get the authentic flavor they had ordered Biryani from the best restaurant in Hyderabad. The Biryani had then to be sent to the Durex lab where the flavor would be copied and same applied to condoms.

So the day when the Biryani had to be sent, the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Chintamani was having a quarrel with his wife over phone and was in an angry mood. During this time the Chef came and asked what he needed to prepare.

“Baigan Bharta bana re tu Maakada”, came his reply.

For those who are not familiar with Hyderabadi Hindi , Baigan is a single word to express; failure, anxiety, anger, curiosity, love, pride, victory, sorrow, jealousy and humour.

That is how the Baigan Bharta was sent to Durex lab. And instead of Biryani flavor the Baigan was born. But before the manufacturers realized their mistake millions of units were already produced. So initially they wanted to launch it. But after consulting with top Data Scientist, Avinash Patnaik, the decision was taken to wait for some time and then launch the Biryani flavor. “Woh kya Kahtey…jab tak Biryani na mile Baigan khatey raho”.