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Duckworth-Lewis fail to understand mystery behind GST, calls Vijay Mallya and Amit Shah for help

17, Jun 2017 By sameer mahawar

Edgebaston. The inventors of unresolved mystery in Cricket, Duckworth and Lewis, who invented D/L Method which is used for predicting score in games interrupted due to bad playing conditions got the taste of their own medicine when they tried to comprehend GST, the biggest ever taxation reform in Indian history.

Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis were going through the international news section of their local newspaper The Guardian, where they found that India is going to adopt a tax reform which is yet to be comprehended by the tax experts, leave aside the businessmen.

At discussion
At discussion

Thinking of it as a child’s play as compared to the D/L method devised by them, both started reading the Act, just to find themselves trapped in various sections and provisions of the act. All it took was five minutes of time to set trouble.

Frustrated Lewis, in spite of applying various methods of learning, gave up and consulted few Chartered Accountants from India to make them explain this act which was beyond imagination of a normal human being.

“One CA explained us something, while the another one said some different thing for the same clause. They themselves weren’t on the same page instead of belonging to the community of experts. Then only thing we got to know was that GST is much more complicated than the hidden mystery behind Burmuda Triangle” said Tony Duckworth.

“Then one of our fellow neighbor, who’s an Indian by birth, asked us to consult some Gujarati or Marwari. Instantly Amit Shah’s name struck our mind and we tried to reach to him over call. It was sad for us to learn that he’s busy in campaigning for Modi Sarkar till 2019 where he has to cover different geographies and planets to spread Modi wave all over the places known to human existence.” said Frank Lewis with a doleful expression on his face.

“Then we tried to consult Vijay Mallya who’s well known for making use of loopholes and deceiving authorities, but the fate was same as he was having quality time with his anti-extradition team.”

He continued, “We thought that it was us who make people go crazy when they fail to understand revised targets under D/L method. Now we had experienced how it feels when you try to make simple things complicated.”