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Dr. Vijay Mallya to secretly establish "Desi Daru" company in Gujarat

29, Apr 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

After getting hit wicket from the position of chairman of USL, Vijay Mallya is all set to become coach and captain of a “Desi Daru” company in Gujarat. He has obtained all the formal permissions from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to keep the company open from 12:00 AM to 06:00 AM. The name of the company has been registered as “Faking Gujarat Pvt. Ltd.”

Our reporter accidently came across him when he was travelling alone in the most reputed airline company of the country Kingfisher. Mallya said, “Gujarat has always been as attractive place for business. My previous company’s sales were highest in Gujarat only. People here love “Desi Daru” very much. They will whole heartedly welcome me and my company.”

Former CM of Gujarat Harendra Kodi were out of our reporter’s reach as he was busy in discovering one new world (Ohh sorry, its business tour). Current CM Sanandiben Patel said, “It is just a rumour. Even if Mallya gives us crores of rupees, we will not allow this to happen in the land of Gandhi (Sanandiben to his PA in whispering voice, “How much he has actually given to us?”). We are proud that we are a dry state.”

Police officials have reportedly opposed this. Their valid argument is that if this will be official in Gujarat, their “Hafta vasooli” from the vendors will stop. Sejriwal backed the police officials and has decided to sit with them on “Daru Upwas” for 49 days (Lucky number for him) R. Gandhi tweeted, “I hate desi as my moma is a vi-desi.”

As per our sources, the first advertisement campaign will feature Seepika Padukone in it saying, “My choice. If i want to drink, i will. After drinking if I want to vomit, i will. If i want to rash drive and hit like balman (ohh sorry, his driver), i will. Its my choice, my world.”