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Diageo signs Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh for its Vodka brand 'Smirnoff'

14, Jul 2014 By workaholicvarun

The nation’s very own international-fame rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh was recently the centre point of discussion in the board meetings of the popular UK based spirits company Diageo.

Yo Yo Honey Singh
His impact has gone international.

The reason ? Well it’s very obvious. Yo Yo recently released a single for the movie Ragnini MMS 2 which goes like this “Char bottle vodka, kaam mera roj ka“. This means he drinks 4 bottles of vodka without fail. His liver may fail but the next day his liver starts calling for more vodka. This song caused a sensation in the sales of popular vodka brand ‘Smirnoff’ across the country.

Our reporter Ms. Talllyy covers Diageo’s board room discussion for us. She is not clear about the name of the chairman whom she interviewed because she was high (true to her name). We are still finding out what she was high on but we are suspecting it to be vodka. Obviously!

Ms. Talllyy:  Hello there. I heard your revenues have picked up drastically in the last 4 months. Do you know the reason ?

Mr. Chariman : Yes of course, we have to thank your country’s demographic where 60% of the population are between the age of 25 – 40.

Ms. Talllyy: How come suddenly in the last 4 months there are more number of Indians in this age group?

Mr. Chairman : Are you high ? I am coming to the point.

Ms. Talllyy: Can please come to the point and fast.

Mr. Chariman : See, your country has this popular rapper Yo Yo Honey singh who released a single on Vodka 4 months ago and ever since the sales of our brand Smirnoff has bee sky rocketing!

Ms. Talllyy: Oh so that’s why you are making a lot money and in India there is no shortage for volumes.

Mr. Chariman: Yes, that’s why I am thanking your Indian demographic. I am also amazed at how one person can bring about a revolution in the spirits market in India which is primarily a whisky dominated market. Even teetotallers have started trying it once. So since all Indians have so obediently listened to this legendary Honey Singh, we have decided to sign him as our brand ambassador and adopt his song in our ads.

Ms. Talllyy: oh that’s nice. why dint I think of writing something on benefits of drinking before Honey Singh?

Mr. Chariman: Anyways, we are also contemplating his name should be changed to Yo Yo Diageo Singh or Yes Yes Vodka Singh. I wonder why he calls himself Honey Singh.

Meanwhile we heard Dabur which owns the ‘Dabur Honey’ product is trying to sign up Yo Yo before Diageo does and suck on the Honey in his name. We are also hearing Bournvita is striking a deal already with him since he has used Bournvita in the lyrics for his latest hip hop song.

Its a Brand-Brand-World.