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Delhi's first Starbucks store suffers from "Bakchodi"

24, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi : The world’s biggest Coffee makers spread their roots in Delhi at the IGI Airport. The advent wasn’t a smooth event, the ruckus started when the locals took the literal meaning of “Starbucks” in their language. The slang “Bakchodi” is believed to the culprit as many people thought the store name means “The Bak Bak of Stars”.

The matter got worse when People spotted KRK there, one thing led to another and finally the mob got violent.

DJ Mallya, the security in-charge of IGI Airport addressed the media, “The name of the store was already sending negative vibes about the function of its, The mob got agitated when KRK got free from his shift at the Airport and was spotted in front of the Store.”

KRK later tweeted, “Saala Isshtaar to sirf ek hi hai KRK , Mazza AA Gaya Aaj To , #KissesToAsin

Santa Singh, a demonstrator told Faking News, “Paaji Bhot ho gaya hai, Galti Se iss KRK kamine ko Twitter pe follow kar liya. Do Ghante mein to Saale ne Paka Diya. Mujhe laga Yehi inaugration karega, aur nahi jhel sakte isse.

Most of the people from the Protestors were sick of the stupid comments Stars make on a regular basis. The Ra.One haters were also seen very active in vandalizing.

Later we got the information that some of the People were angry because the staff there said that they don’t serve Chole Bhature and said “No” to “Jaanta Hai Mera Baap Kon Hai ?

The CEO of the company was afraid about the future of the Coffee house in Delhi, “This is really a matter of Concern, We are planning to change the name to “Kaka Tea n Coffee Stall” and to add some Punjabi fast food items on the menu.”

The issue got a Political angle when , Sushma Swaraj was quick to blame it all on the FDI while Manmohan Singh after a long discussion with Rahul Gandhi said “Theek Hai”.