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Delhi Police arrests a man with 5 Kg Onion

16, Aug 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. First time in history a man is arrested for having 5 kg onion.Delhi Police special branch arrested a farmer having 5 Kg Onion who was going to sell it in the open market.

Onions recovered from the arrested man.

Delhi police got this news from their local intelligence unit that a man with 5 Kg of onion is searching for customers in market to sell onion. Police also claims that the arrested man was indulged in smuggling of onion. The team of income tax officials is also working on this how a farmer got 5 kg onion.

The charges of tax evasion and false return was charged by Income tax department on him. The special branch of Delhi police is searching the sources from where he got 5 Kg onion and name of others who are helping him.

The Agriculture and food processing minister announced to give 5000 cash to each policeman of the team which arrested the man and said it helps in reducing the price of onion.

This news lead to happiness among the people who needed onion and they  gathered at the arrested place demanding to distribute the onion to public. To control the situation police resorted to means like lathicharge and water canons.

When Faking News tried to contact the arrested farmer he told, “I am very poor man. I come  from village to sold onion in hope of earning money but I don’t know why police arrested me.”