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Couple books a home to get a chance to address the audience on microphone

31, Mar 2015 By RT

Palava City: During the just concluded weekend drive on the booking of homes, a couple booked a garden facing 3 BHK ULTIMA home in India’s first smart city, to get a chance to talk on microphone with a few hundred people in audience, it was learnt later. The short speech was actively heard only by the 10% of the viewers, while the others in the audience were busy booking their own dream homes while the best rates were still available. The duo, nevertheless, were seen seemingly ecstatic all the way back to the parking area.

When Faking News correspondent caught up with the visibly super-excited couple for a quick chat, before they jumped into the waiting transport, the woman giggled first,“First, a speech in front of an audience with microphone and all, now an interview by a reporter, is this the most happening day of my life, or what!”. The man, all in smiles himself, promptly followed up with, “I cannot recall ever holding a microphone and talking for an audience. Definitely, today is the happiest day of my life!”

When the reporter interrupted with the fairly routine question of ‘Why did you buy a home in Palava City?’ the smile and giggle vanished. The lady suddenly looked like a damsel in distress and the man looked nothing like a hero who would attain her rescue. To the surprise of the reporter, both of them drew blank, who just admitted to have given a speech of their lifetime.

“Let me help you! Do you know that there are 108 reasons to live in Palava? Do you know that Palava has been planned and designed by the world’s smartest minds, in the business? Do you know Palava enjoys more than 40% premium compared to other markets? Do you know that a lifestyle in Palava will have something new to discover every day? Do you know that Palava has a Wiki page, for crying out loud?” the reporter, fresh from a sales pitch, had thrown the questions towards the gasping couple, with a touch of know-it-all smugness.

“Wow! Even the builder did not say ‘Palava’ these many times, during booking. Well! We certainly did not know any of these things you just said. I mean, we went through the sales talk and all, but who really listens to a salesperson? Nevertheless, the things you just said make both of us feel very good about booking a home here. And yes, you did fairly good with the microphone thing!”, the man answered, in-charge of the interview.

“We told you initially itself; the microphone and a speech in front of an audience was just irresistible. I have never talked for an audience before and no one had clapped for my speech. For just a few lakhs of rupees and a few signatures, we get to give a speech, and get applauded. That sure is new way of life for both us”, the couple concluded the interview with the reporter, who bargained for a few hours of microphone usage in exchange for the newly booked 3BHK.