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Corporates prepare for appraisal season; tie up with peanut vendor

31, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: At a conclave organized and attended by a clutch of large companies, HR honchos put their heads together to find new ways of communicating paltry salary hikes to the employees in their companies, come January.

The salary hike everyone gets.
The salary hike everyone gets.

With appraisal and incentive season looming, most HR heads were worried that employees in their companies might start asking tough questions such as “How come the bell curve has never affected the appraisals of good looking women in our team?”, “Why are our salary hikes indexed to the rate of inflation in USA when we work Indian hours?”, etc.

A sales executive manning a stall at the conclave selling packaged salted peanuts, at least ensured a good appraisal for himself when several companies ended up placing wholesale orders for peanut packs for their employees. “It’s a good thing to give people when you are telling them the recession or bell curve has impacted their performance rating and incentives, despite them having worked weekends,” a senior HR executive for a consulting firm said. “The salt really hits the spot and distracts employees from their misery.”

“After the conclave, we have decided to offer one complimentary plate of rajma chawal every week to all our high performers,” one HR head proffered. “And no, we are not being miserly about our incentives. The rajma will be the finest quality imported specially from Afghanistan and the rice will be the expensive Basmati types.”