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Consumption of Fairness Creams to decide Inclusive Growth in GDP

17, Mar 2015 By khakshar

Lucknow. Fake paintings, fake products, fake mark sheets, fake degrees, fake institutes and our own journal had made people sure that the ultimatum in the world of fake has been achieved.

Considering the news of razing, violence, elimination of people faked out by our regular Media, one should wonder if riots have ravaged towns. New recruits in media seem to have taken a special liking of linking development to colors like Saffron or Green. Eminent economists have started multiplying  factors based on  Patriarchal Society, Color of skin and of course place of worship to calculate growth in GDP.

Fairness Creams, a new economic indicator
Fairness Creams, a new economic indicator

An eminent economist has suggested pathological test of human feces as a tool to measure poverty. Pathological reports will highlight residue of food calorie intake and hence will point the level of Poverty. The pathological labs all around the country have hailed his technique as pioneer and path breaking. Another Economist has targeted the use of Fairness Creams as a measure of prosperity. He says that the consumption of these whitening creams in India can tell the level of Poverty of the household. If per lady consumption is high then the household has attained ample level of prosperity. The reason being the fairer sex has enough Money to apply it on whole body. The economist is of course not related to Mr. Sharad Yadav.

Meanwhile a group of youth have been running  a full-time fake police outpost for the past one-year a in Krishna Nagar area by the name of New Golden City police outpost in Lucknow. The Youths were registering FIRs and solving the complaints within hours, of course with case related contingency fund. The Outpost has been functioning for a year .