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Connecting Countries - Xiaomi

24, Sep 2014 By munnabhai

The news is out Xiaomi Red S1 was released amidst much fanfare in India last month. 40,000 of those were sold in record 3.4 seconds a time which even Usain Bolts could never match. Online giant Flipkarts bosses were high (on success) the whole evening and were planning on the future orders.

The news came as a huge relief to Chinese Premier as well. He being the brand ambassador of the country, it was his moral responsibility to promote his country top selling product in his neighboring countries. Embarked on a tour to promote the product he anticipated his good friends Russia and Srilanka to top the Xiaomi Sales. But seeing this magnificent response from India he was flabbergasted and thought India is a place wherein he needs to devote much time and think about mutually benefitting business relationships.

The Chinese Premier (CP) landed in India and was received well after almost 6 decades. Not sure why it took us 6 decades to offer them the same kind of hospitality since us Indians boast about the Indian culture of thinking that guests and god are alike. Mehman Bhagwan hota hain.

The CP was well received by our Namano (From the yesteryears sci fi Indian series Mano ya Namano) at his home state – the future mass production site for Xiaomi phones. After exchanging cool Desi Cheap Jackets they sat down on a swing and got high (on success of the trip again). The CP was little taken aback as he couldn’t decide on that important question that would shape the future between two countries – How to eat Veg Gujrati Thali with chopsticks? After trying hard he figured out and decided that he had to use spoons outside his country just as he needs to learn English to communicate with his foreign counterparts and leaders. This news was much appreciated by the Chinese people back home and they bursted crackers and organized a feast to celebrate this remarkable achievement. They even sent about 1000 Chinese soldiers to personally deliver Xiaomi phones in the Ladakh border region. They planned to set up special showrooms in the border region which would be heavily guarded by PLA seeing the demand of the phones in India. They won’t mind setting up Chinese showrooms in the Indian side too and if needed will cross the border illegally keeping in mind the huge demand. Indian business community giants (Baniyas) started to make counter plans to start the mass production of the phones locally. For them the profit was decreasing day by day. Indian army were given a task of distributing left over Aam aadmi party posters (post elections) as a friendly gesture so that the Chinese could wipe well as finding water in that terrain was difficult.

Namano was very much candid about his thoughts. He first thought of franchising the product and giving it a Gujarat Logo so that the common man can be cheated benefitted. But CP had other plans; he pulled out an ace deciding that USD 5 Billion would be invested in India for the next 5 years provided he gets the entire contract of constructing so called High speed trains in India. He also ensured that he would control the Laddakh showrooms keeping in view the business potential of the phones in India. Indians were much delighted with this offer.

Meanwhile miles away Japan started planning on a counter offer regarding its bid to develop High Speed trains in India.

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