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City based IT employee addicted to “Office Meetings”: Prefers OMs over dating

07, Oct 2016 By fakeplanninganalyst

Pune: People may find this crazy but Rocky Jadhav, a Pune based financial analyst working with a swanky Telco, proclaims OMs as his new found hobby. “Off late, I have realized my passion for office meetings. They are exhilarating and are more engaging and gratifying than watching a Bollywood drama or dating with your girlfriend.”

OMs are as funny as Bingo Mad angle’s ad. All fun and no confusion!
OMs are as funny as Bingo Mad angle’s ad. All fun and no confusion!

Rocky Jadhav, a sharp analyst who is often criticized for being logical and reasonable, forecasts OM’s to be the next big fad among Indian youth. “OMs in Telco can be anything from crazy, thrilling, adventurous to hilarious. Not just that, it has got good business potential as well. Facebook, Twitter, Moneycontrol, Amazon are the biggest beneficiaries. Almost all the attendees to a meeting are finally found to be engrossed in surfing these sites”.

On an average nearly 50% of the Telco staff is engaged in some kind of meetings a day. Most of them end up with 2-3 meetings / VCs or Concall a day. This translates into 4-5 working hours each day. Nearly all analysts form all functions do nothing more than meetings on a normal day, making analysis a lucrative career. An internal survey done by Rocky as a part of his analysis shows – 80% of participants to OMs reported to be happy with their Job. 75% reported they find time to manage personal tasks online. 50% feel more confident and positive post attending OMs.

Paplu Kathuria, an earlier boss fearing person and who always complained of work life balance, took up Rocky’s advice. “Yes its working well for me. Whenever I want to avoid work, I call up for a meeting with other function. This way I pretend to be busy in the eyes of my boss and manage all my personal works.”

Speaking on the fun quotient Rocky was quick to add, “I find OMs crazy and entertaining. Of all, I find VCs with corporate office to be the most funniest of all. I am positive now and I voluntarily attend all Corp meetings with my boss”. Recalling his funniest moment, “I once successfully justified an increase in a cost stream by Rs. 25 Mn when the actual figures read Rs.2.5 Mn”.

Funky Phadke, a marketing analyst, who was once lashed out in a meeting, for making meaningful, impactful and analytical PPTs, over the size of font type & size used, has now evolved into a colour combination expert in his PPT’s. “Now even my worst contents are appreciated and I repeat the same contents again and again with different grids & colour combinations and get away. Moreover, this is labour saving and cool. For this, I mull over the layout and colour to be used the whole day. People around me awe my work and feel I am industrious.”