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China Mobilewala's Jugaad in India

30, Jan 2013 By tarasnake

Close on the heels of release of Mobile Operating System iOS6  and BB10, Chinese mobile makers are gearing their up towards the future.

This reporter was invited on a Google+ Hangout with PROs or representatives of private limited Chinese mobile firms namely BusDonne, MajroLvl, KUNIA and VolcanoAir. China Mobile

Reporter: Are you aware of the current heat in field of Mobile OS?

BusDonne,MajorLvl,VolcanoAir: Yaahes (Simultaneous reply)

KUNIA: What s that… OS?

(Mr Ho was chomping on his rice noodle… followed by a heated Mandarin discussion wherein the Kunia PRO was given a clarification by BusDonne, MajorLvl and VolcanoAir till he finished his meal for the sake of business image…)

Reporter: Hmmm…

B: Hey allow us to speak… We are ready…. Mr Ho from Kunia will speak on our behalf…

K: Very well… we are ready for the market… Amongst 4 of us we have not upgraded the operating systems since they are bit expensive for our customers who buy our handsets… However we have several new features lined up our sleeve… Here are some of them

  1. All Indian Languages in 1 handset including those of Jarawas,  Sign Language and Urdu only in Kunia handsets.
  2. For QWERTY, we re giving separate pocket keyboard free on purchase of any 2 mobiles of our firms.
  3. Each of us have different rental agreement in OS development. When one gets a patch, we share for free and give free CD to users. For instance, BusDonne has agreement for Open Source Browser development, MajorLvl has exclusive Social Media Hub while VolcanoAir has Application Development Space of Image, Media and Games. They all are rented by us from pirated radio waves which is subject to availability. Hence users get to use them for FREE.
  4. Each family members using 1 mobile will have face recognition instantaneous logins registered to be able to communicate with handset in their language, clothes or style whether it is in Office, Social Setting or Home. This is also optional if all users use a common phone in general.

Reporter: But… users generally complained of less battery power and hanging of screen…

K: Yes we were coming to that… The problem of dual sim, triple sim will be phased out. Soon we will offer portable SIM Slots connected by the same radio waves mentioned above. Users can continue to use as many SIM as they want.

Reporter: Yes

B: Our marketing guys in India will be given light weight sports shoes to make light of their local sales pitch.

V: As ever our prices will be low since our entry barriers are through Arunachal Pradesh instead of through porous Nathu La Pass, we have fairly strategic ware housing of our unpackaged mobiles and then packaging is done through printer and xerox shops thru value deals. As always our packaging costa are low.

Reporter: Arunachal is an issue with Home Affairs…

K:  Yes we know that …

V: Let me speak Mr Ho… Since our mobiles can speak and accept all languages… it can break any hearts and barriers to trade blocks. Pl do not forget that we generate employment by low cost entry to mobile market business to thousands of youth in India who were dis-illusioned by the delay in SpeakAsia media fiasco and judgement… HIndi Chini hai bhai hai… Hamesha se…

Reporter:  Thank You. 谢谢你(xie4 xie4 ni3)

B, V, K, M (in chorus): Jai Ho! जय हो !