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CEO struggles with shower faucet, ends life

11, Jul 2014 By mittalkshitij

New Delhi: While bathing companies are keen to make bathing more of an ‘event’ instead of just another activity, its harsh side too appeared on the Monday evening when Mr. Kunal Arora, CEO Arora Industries, ended his life in Hilton, Park Road.

Mr Arora reportedly returned late to the luxury hotel after finalizing a crucial deal with his counterparts. His delicate wish to have a bubble-bath turned horror when he entered the hotels bathroom where he was greeted with what appeared to him as a ‘Time Machine’.

After spending an hour with the faucet, he started loosing his cool and made it a point to settle the score all by himself and by not taking any assistance of the hotel staff, he began the struggle. The game got bitter when he pressed an incorrect switch on the panel that led to gush of raging hot water through the tap beneath.

The highly trained team of experts and forensics reached immediately at the spot, as soon as the waiter – Shakti Mohan, reported water logging to house keeping, who later discovered the body.

The forensic team believed that the struggle between the faucet and Mr. Arora must have lasted for about four hours and the messages written on the walls and mirrors further revealed that by the end, Mr. Arora had lost all his temper along with his sanity.

“Such incidents are rising day by day,” Nikhil, the senior investigation officer told Faking News. The messages on the walls included severe cuss words while the mirror stated, “Mar jaunga par naha kar jaunga!”

The loss of Mr. Arora has come as a huge shock for Arora Industries and its shareholders. “There must be simple procedures to turn the shower on,” the regional head of the Arora Industries told Faking News. The makers of the faucet company however, were not available for comment.

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