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CEO manages to save his company by adding extra comma in letter to customers

25, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Hyderabad. In business news, a CEO managed to overturn the fortunes of his company- that had hitherto been labelled “doomed” by business analysts- simply by adding an extra comma in his “Letter to Customers” that a Management Trainee had drafted for him. The move has been hailed as a visionary move and the CEO in question- M. Kumar Shukla, CEO of Shukla Enterprises- is now expected to make the cover of several business magazines.

Management Trainee

“Shukla Sir went through the letter twenty times trying to find a fault but he couldn’t,” Tadapit Kumar, the Management Trainee who had originally written up the letter said in an interview with this Faking News reporter. “This final letter was actually the twentieth iteration on the original version. We have been trying to get this letter through to our customers for more than two months but Shukla Sir just kept changing what he wanted to say and thus, I had to keep changing my brief to our ad agencies. We have gone through twenty copywriters, five lakh rupees and one divorce- mine- to get this letter through the door but we are sure now, customers will start coming back to the company, now that this letter has gone to them.”

“I was so relieved when Shukla sir made that comma mark with his red sketch pen on this final letter,” Tadapit added, contributing information voluntarily, as if undergoing some sort of catharsis. “I knew I could finally go home and have a life.”

“Until the next letter has to go out,” he added, somewhat wistfully.