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Celebrations around the world as fevicol puts Humpty Dumpty together again

01, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

London. What all the king’s men couldn’t do in decades, Fevicol did it within seconds. Humpty Dumpty who were stashed inside the royal garage in london after they were broken into pieces as a result of a legendary fall are now in best of shape courtesy fevicol and are tipped to back into her majesty’s service soon.

Fixing things other than matches.
Fixing things other than matches.

The news has brought cheers to people around the globe, especially on the faces of nursery toddlers who won’t have to By-Heart the rhyme over and over again.

‘Thank God! And thank fevicol, at last in this world full of gloom and doom now there is some hope, If humpty dumpty can be fixed then so can be every other problem. It has brought forth a new sense of optimism, now there is belief that ‘yes we can’ fix things other than cricket matches,” an elated Queen Elizabeth told faking news.

Fevicol, however refused to entertain requests for their comments as it is believed that they are bound by royal clause of secrecy that seals their lips.

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