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Capitalizing on ever increasing ticket prices, banks to introduce "Movie Ticket Loan"

02, Jul 2014 By Prateek Shah

Mumbai: Keeping in mind the growing ticket prices at movie theatres across the country, banks have come up with a unique solutions to make the movie goers feel better, only to eventually extract more money from them in the process.

Ticket Counter

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Paisadede of Highinterestrate Bank said, “Over the years, we have loved to loot people by first offering them loans and then looting them by increasing the interest rates over time, so we could not let such a lucrative opportunity go away! We shall now be offering loans for entire family’s movie watching experience and people can repay the loan in installments over the next 10 years.”

Says a victim of the inflated inflation Mr Loanlekephasgaya Yaar, “I love loans. I live loans. My life runs on loans. I have loans for everything. My car, my fridge, my home, my mobile, even my wife, everything is on loan, although wife’s loan is most expensive. The moment I heard about this Movie Ticket Loan, my eyeballs got replaced by Rupee sign. I love money. I live money. I can’t say no to free money. So I applied for loan, and got it even before I finished the procedure for applying for it.”

The movie theatres and cancelmyshow.coms are laughing their way to the bank. “We have already been fooling the people by charging them premium prices for no reason at all, and now this gives us yet another opportunity to charge them super premium prices! With these loans, we will get to run our halls to packed houses and make movies like Humshakals earn 100s of crores!”