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Camel ink sees 260% jump in demand this election season

11, Mar 2014 By sriram0059

Camel Ink Inc, India’s best pen & ink production company, today announced its plans to increase the production of Ink.

Speaking to the reporter of the Faking news, Camel Rath, CEO of the company, said that there has been many fold increase in demand of ink bottles from across the nation.

Yogendra Yadav Inked

He said that the company was hit due to the boom in electronic industry. “People these days are using S-pens to write notes to write and draw almost everything on their Smart phones for free. This had hit our company very badly. However, in the last few months, we have seen 260% increase in demand of various colors of Ink. We have started receiving bulk requests from some of the upcoming political parties”, he added.

When asked about the details of the political parties and why they require those many boxes of bottles, Camel Rath initially refused to answer the question saying that their company’s privacy policy prevents him from taking customer names in Media.

However, on repeated requests, he finally replied on a condition that it has to be off the record. He whispered that a candidate of Aam Aadmi Party, Jogendra Jadav had ordered 100 units of ink bottles.

He said “Politics has changed in India. Politicians are resorting to new techniques so that they catch media attention in no time and gain Sympathy. Politicians want to show the public that they are always doing some meetings and dharnas.”

He added “This is new kind of alternative politics. Politicians are asking their own poor jobless volunteers to throw ink on their face and get beaten for the sake of fast publicity. They are even doing rehearsals for the same”.

When Faking News team visited AAP headquarters, Jogendra Jadav & Arbind Crazywall were not available for any comment. They reportedly had gone to US to prove that Michelle Obama is agent of Ambanis & Adanis.

However, when the team tried to sneak into private area wearing Gandhi topis, they were shocked to see AAP’s cheap spokesperson Asshutosh, whose face was already saffroned because of the ink-throw rehearsal, practicing javelin throw using broom stick.

Few days back, he was spotted doing wizardry using chairs in front of BJP HQ. Media Experts say that  the non-violent protest of Aam Aadmis in front of BJP HQ was aimed to get media attention to Arbind Crazywall’s Flying Squad visit to Gujarat as his fake stunts were not being reported in MSM.