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CAG Audit of Kurkure

04, Mar 2013 By rofl gujju

Pepsico launch “Kurkure Punjabi Pizza” but it’s real name is “Punab-Italy” flavour but for hiding original identity they use word “Pizza” instead of word “Italy” ! From the wire of wikileakes it come to focus that Govt. of India is the main player behind this launch !

They also Launch 2 other flavour with this Punjabi pizza and it’s “Andhra Bangkok Curry” and “Rajasthani Manchurian” ! From sources of CAG office we come to know that purpose of launch of Andhra bankok is to side out the focus from “telangana issue” and also clean the image of word ” Bankok” in our society ! it’s the step taken by Govt under the pressure of Bankok govt. and FTA treaty ! (Free trade Agreement)

From the our source in Govt. we find that Govt. aim behind “Rajasthani Manchurian´is to show that Ashok Gahelot govt. Growth is as good as China and this flavour is come in market under 40-60 sharing of center-state policy !

In the audit report of Mid day meal : CAG found that Govt. providing kurkure as nutriciants in schools but the Reports of AAIMS showed that it’s purely wrong !

Opposition have strong believe that Govt. give huge subsidy to Pepsico for this Launch and CAG suppose to table report on Subsidy audit in this Budget session !

SP , RJD and JDU also show their oppose by Burning the packets of Kurkure @ Jantar mantar and Left call that : This is the step taken by govt. under the pressure of US (Pepsico-US )

BSP call it’s Anti dalit Govt policy cause all the brand ambassador of Pepsico come from upper cast , Mayawati want at least 33% reservation for lower cast in all MNCs brand ambasators !

But the main ally of NDA – Akali dal is refuce to join Opposition club on the topic of Punjabi Pizza and Mt. BAdal appreciate UPA 2 for taking this step !

Baba ramdev declared a new mission for “Being Swadeshi”

But X-HRD minister Mr.Silly Sibbal defend govt by saying that : It’s the step taken by UPA-2 both in the favour of Nation and child future !

Yashwant shinda alredy give notice for : Stop Question Hour and discussing Kurkure scam on Monday !

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