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British companies exempted from the scope of FDI because of praising Modi

12, Oct 2012 By Vibhijain

British companies have unexpectedly felt prey to the epic Mahabharata going on between Congress and Modi. Hugo Swire, the British foreign state minister, released a statement which asked his high commissioner in New Delhi to visit Gujarat and meet with Modi and other senior figures. Frustrated by this, the congress has decided not to allow British companies work in India under FDI.

“This is a surprising decision by the British Government. Earlier in this year, our party and the British Government had decided that no British investment will go to Gujarat, in turn to that our senior leader ND Tiwary “vicky donated” to various British civilians,” said Manish Tiwary. He added that this Kapil Sibalnesscheat by the Angrez sarkar will have to be payed by the British companies.

The government has decided that no British retail outlets will be opened in India. The government also thought to apply this to FDI in cricket, but fortunately Rajiv Shukla prevented this. Kevin Peterson has just now tweeted,”Thank you Shukla ji! If you wouldn’t had been there, then na mein ghar ka rehta, na ghat ka.”

Congress received an unexpected oppose to this action – Lalu Prasad Yadav has criticized this move, saying that he was eagerly waiting to get some good quality vests from British outlets. Mahesh Bhatt went two steps ahead, saying that this could lead to a shortage of Leone Sunny products.