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Britannia unveils “Pre-Digested Biscuits”

02, Aug 2013 By laks

Britannia has released a new line of biscuits called “Pre-Digested Biscuits”. According to the company’s press release, this is the answer for all the health problems of this world.

Woman trying to open a pack of Pre-Digested biscuit.
Woman trying to open a pack of Pre-Digested biscuit.

A team at Britannia Industries was commissioned to come up with a wonder biscuit after feeling the agony of people having diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. In the end they came up with this brilliant idea of “Pre-Digested” biscuit.

The Process Behind The Innovation:

The team took a very close and deep look at the process of biscuit consumption – right from the point where the enzymes in a human being’s stomach give signal to the brain to go for a biscuit to the point where the ingredients of the biscuit enter the body cells.

After great research of each and every step of the process, they have identified that the biggest step in the process where the maximum damage occurs is when human being places biscuit on his tongue. After that there is very little anyone can do about the damage it causes to human’s well being. They were left with the challenge of how to eliminate this biggest risk factor and still retain all the good part of the biscuit experience.

This how the idea of Pre-Digested biscuit was conceived.

Their brilliance was simply to remove the biscuit from the packet. Now, if there is no biscuit, people cannot eat. And if they do not eat, the health risk associated with it is reduced to zero.

But to keep the product line profitable, they have to still make the people buy the Pre-Digested biscuit pack. But what is the motivation to buy if there are no biscuits inside the pack?

This is how they got their next big idea.

They said lets make the packaging of Pre-Digested biscuit physically  challenging to open. So we make the person spend some calories to open it and thus gets immense health benefit.

Average person, loses almost 200 calories which is equivalent of running 20 minutes on treadmill at rate of 8 km per hr, when he/she tries to open up an average packet of Pre-Digested biscuit. The Pre-Digested biscuit packs come in various difficulty levels of opening it for different age groups, cultures, countries etc and of course separate packs for men and women.

The ingredient information on the Pre-Digested biscuit pack reads:

Fat = 0, Cholesterol = 0, Sodium = 0, Sugar= 0, Biscuits = 0.

“Even though cost of these Pre-Digested biscuits are way too expensive than any of the biscuit available in the market, it is still a very small fraction of the medical expenses that anyone will incur by eating the non Pre-digested biscuits.” – Says the Head of the team that came up with the idea of Pre Digested biscuits.