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BPL families condemn Tendulkar and ask for Sharapova committee

11, Jul 2014 By nandakumar

No sooner the details of the Rangarajan Committee report came into the public domain, the aam  aadmi/aurat —particularly in the BPL category— broke into celebrations all over India.

When Faking News reporter wanted to know the reasons for their celebrations, the aam aadmi/aurat replied that they got an increment of Rs.6 (from 26 Rs. to 32Rs.) in rural areas and Rs.14 (from rs.33 to rs47) in urban areas. This increase  works out to nearly 25% and 40%respectively.

This is much more than the railway fare hike, much more than Government Employees DA hike, and much more than the salary hike of Wipro, Infosys, TCS employees put together.

While thanking Rangarajan, they condemned Tendulkar and sent a petition to the Union Government to constitute a new committee under Sharapova!! While the advantage of Sharapova heading the committee would be, apart from her not knowing Tendulkar, she would also not know the recommendations of the Tendulkar committee and may end up giving a much higher hike than Rangarajan!!

Some of them had genuine apprehensions that Sharapova would also not know Poverty or the poor!!

As a follow up measure Raj Babbar announced that a South Indian Thali in Mumbai now costs Rs14, up from the earlier Rs.12 and his colleague Rasheed Masool tweeted from jail that people need not go to Delhi to get 5Rs. meals; instead they can it get it free inTihar!!

Meanwhile AMMA is contemplating to increase the price of Idli, mineral water and Salt in line with the Rangarajan formula.

BPl families confirmed that “ACHHE DIN AAGYIE” and “Sharapov ki baad Vada Pav”