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'Bharat Nirman' ad creators to join Comedy Central

11, Mar 2014 By The Silent Thinker

The talented team members behind the Bharat Nirman ads, have been offered the position of creative heads by Comedy Central.

Reports suggest that the Bharat Nirman ads, which depict the progress of India under UPA rule, are the funniest content aired yet.

Bharat Nirman
Bharat Nirman

Surveys conducted across India and abroad suggest that, the viewership of these ads are more than some prominent shows on top comedy channels.

Above all, it has changed lives of million people suffering from various kind of depressions.

Mr Frustoo(Real name kept confidential upon request) was diagnosed with severe depression last year. He told Faking News correspondent, “I was not able to laugh or even smile for at least one year. My depression made my life terrible. I tried different kind of counselling, therapies and spiritual programs, but nothing helped.”

“One day, I was watching TV and just came across a Bharat Nirman ad, where a guy dreams about his city 10 years ago. Later, being awaken by his wife, he realizes and appreciates the development achieved by UPA in last 10 years. It was so funny and I could not stop laughing. I laughed my heart out after almost one year. My life has never been the same after that. Watching these ads helped me to recover from my depression. Now, I’m leading a quite happy life.”

Doctors are now using these ads as a form of therapy for depression. Even chemists are researching to use it as an alternative for laughing gas.

The leading TV channel Comedy Central was looking for creative people, who can produce sanskari, non offensive and clean, yet hilarious shows for its Indian audiences. The channel was taken off the air by IB ministry, due to some offensive content in a stand up comedy show aired by it recently.

After watching the Bharat Nirman ads online, Comedy Central Officials decided to hire the creators of these ads. They are optimistic that the new shows created by the newly hired team will boost the TRPs.

The channel has also approached Alok Nath for the position of creative editor to make comedy shows more sanskari.