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Begging institute of technology launched for beggars who are fit enough to work and don’t look like one

16, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Have a face that looks too royal and body too fit to be a beggar? Face difficulty convincing clients that you actually are good for nothing and are hungry and in dire need of money?

Well don’t worry. Because a leading education trust has realized your need and has decided to launch an institute that will train budding beggars (who are otherwise physically fit to do any type of work) and transform them into a world class beggar.

A fit woman using her baby as a begging tool during internship.
A fit woman using her baby as a begging tool during internship.

Pass outs from this course will be directly placed in leading institutions like Local trains, crowded signals, railway platforms and can hope to start earning right away.

The course will provide extensive training under adverse conditions. There is also a foreign trip to begging paradises like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc where students can have a first hand learning experience from the much more gifted and professional beggars.

“Our target group would be people who have not made a mark as a beggar in their career so far and people whose face doesn’t evoke pity and sympathy from people because all their body parts are intact and in such a top class functional state that they can give John Abraham a run for his money,” Arindam Chopra told Faking News. “We see a lot of such people daily in Mumbai stations begging who are otherwise strong enough to get an offer from WWE.”

Experts feels this course has huge potential and could gather huge demand in coming days.

As per them at a time when economy of the country is crumbling, GDP has been hit badly and there is no respite in sight people are actually looking for alternate career options.

“It is the safest career option today which requires zero investment and gives 100% returns and that’s why you see so many healthy looking people with fully functional body parts on streets nowadays,” an expert explained.

Meanwhile at the same time Arindam is also thinking of launching an asylum for people who see a totally handicapped aged beggar and still ask him to find and do some work instead of helping him out.