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Beggars tip off the Scales of Income by selling their Torn Jeans in the name of “Distressed Jeans”

06, Oct 2014 By Parag Randar

In what seems to a paradigm shift in the Economics of the world, a new  fashion trend in clothing has come into picture.

Recently Faking news noted an alarming increase in the use of ripped or torn jeans hence our research team started working on it. Our first guess was that the road accidents in the country might have increased and hence the jeans of so many people were destroyed. But then the facts showed no such increase in the accident rates.

But after a lot of pondering over, faking news at last found out the real reason behind the damage which increasing the income and uplifting the distressed class of society which mainly included the beggars of the society.

The Begger who earned a fortune selling his stock

This was declared the most “Distressed” of the Jeans.

In a secret interview with one of the key person who was engaged in the team that designed these jeans (who refused to be named in public), he said, “It is genius how the government of various  countries  came together and designed this unique scheme to ensure that the income gets distributed among the various classes of the society. According to our economist the distribution of income in the society was dangerously disturbed and hence there was a dire need for action. The beggars of the world had no source of income. The only thing they seemed to have, were their ragged clothes. And so came the idea of “Distressed Jeans” as a fashion trend.  Due to this trend, the demands for ragged and torn clothes have increased; and the only people having them in abundance are these beggars.  Absolutely  Brilliant.”

According to our sources, then demand for the distressed jeans of the beggars have increased indeed, with people storming beggars asking, them for the ragged clothes in exchange for their own and any amount of sum that he demanded.

In an interview with a beggar he said, “I beg in this area for 5 years now. I have not been respected so much, any time in history as I am now. People have started storming me everywhere. They talk about something known as “Fashion”, which in this world I have no idea of. They keep on asking me for my torn and ragged jeans in exchange for theirs and any amount of sum that I desire in return. Sometimes the buyers are so many, they practically put on an auction in the middle of the road for my rags.

When we asked a rich young lad as why doesn’t he tear his own jeans and wear them, he says, “There is a reason these jeans are called “Distressed Jeans”. You don’t wear these unless they are actually distressed.  Those tears mean more than just random holes. They are caused by continuous hard work and distress which only these beggars go through.” He was so angry at that he practically ripped off the jeans of our correspondent from various places and asked if it felt as great as wearing jeans which were torn due to the actual distress of the beggars.

Due to this sudden rise of demand, An All India Beggars Council has been established to manage the market of the ragged jeans and to safeguard the interests of the beggars. Talking to one of its representative, he said, “Due to the sudden rise in the demand of our clothes, many duplicates have come into picture who sell distressed jeans which are not actually distressed.  We have decided to apply for the copyright of the distressed jeans in the name of the council. We have also decided to list the prices of these jeans of various sizes on the stock exchange for better pricing.”

While the governments of various countries  are secretly basking in its success in stabilising the world economy, the fashion designers have also decided to launch various other torn apparels into the market including, T-shirts, Shirts, socks, etc. which people are eagerly waiting for.

Important Note: Readers are strongly advised  to keep the real motive of the distressed jeans a secret.

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