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BCCI felicitates INR

21, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

In a glittering function held today, the BCCI felicitated the  INR for scoring its maiden century against the British pound.

Srinivasan and Sharad Pawar jointly presented a golden onion to the INR. Sharad Pawar said that the onion is for the fastest century by the  INRagainst the onion and Srinivasan said that the gold is for amassing more than 30000 against gold.

In its thanksgiving speech the  INRwhich scored its maiden century against the British pound, dedicated its century to Sachin, the  GOD of Centuries. The  INRwhich scored a half century against the US dollar last year, is struggling hard to score a century against the dollar. Blaming the RBI, the curator of the pitch for its predicament the INR revealed that it is practicing hard to emulate the Yen which has scored double and triple centuries against others.

The Paise which scored a century on debut against the  INRhad a word of advice for the  INR. Scoring in ones twos and fives in the early days of its career, the paise is now on fast track. No longer dependent on ones and twos, it now scores in fifties only. The paise advised the  INRthat it should not aim for ones and twos against the dollar but try for fours and sixes to reach the coveted century.

The INR agreed to follow the advice given by the paise and said it would first try to score fours and sixes on smaller grounds against the French Francs and Australian dollar and then go for the big one against the US dollar. However it’s immediate aim is to score a century against the EURO.

Speaking on the sidelines at the function, international bookies informed this reporter that they are in the process of fixing with International Banks. The Banks have agreed to help with some no balls so that the INR can have a free hit against the dollar.